The most advanced flight analysis and competition scoring
Brought to you by Aleksandr Kunin

Developing Skyderby since May 2014 to make You fly better, faster, longer

I want to thank these amazing people 😍

In past month Skyderby received 11 financial contribution from

Khizar Naeem
Guillaume Rodi
Rick Fragnani "Sagui"
Aron Crowhurst
Marin Mercier
Dan McGregor
David Laffargue
Florian Greil
Janne Saikko
James Boole

Along with previously received from:

Simon Repton
Dennis Ohlsen
Margriet Ham
Jonas Borum
Florian Kaschuba
Marin Mercier
Ulf Munkedal
Üriel Von hollenweger
James Boole
and more...

It is pretty simple


Upload a file


Select free fall range



Online competitions leaders

Skydive competitions

BASE competitions

Supported file formats and GPS loggers

Garmin Foretrex 101/201/301/401
Wintec WBT-202
Columbus V900
Dual XGPS160
Files in GPX format
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